Mandelbrot Fraktal Generator Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Mandelbulb Wallpaper Maker Android App Demonstration

Download : DISCOVER THE MANDELBULB With its intuitive interface, ...

Interesting relationship between Mandelbrot and Julia fractals

For each point in the famous Mandelbrot fractal, there is a unique Julia fractal. This video (made using the Mandelbrot Maps web applet ...

Fractile plus for iOS: View Fractals on iPad

Fractile plus Review by: More fractal apps:

Fractal App

A preview of my upcoming fractal generation app for iPhone and iPad.

Mandelbrot iPad Application Demonstration

Mandelbrot is an iPad e-learning app demo created with Flash Professional CS5.5 with Air for iOS.The app delivers information about the life and work of Benoit ...


Now available worldwide! *** Visualising the nature of Nature - Explore, Create and Inspire! An amazing new interactive creative app for iPad and iPhone.

Fractals - Video feedback simulation

Created with the video feedback simulation app "Fraksl". [Warning: flashing Images may trigger epilepsy]

SR0 Eternal Monolithic "Pandora's Box" Automatic Fractal Numeric Synthesizer and Radio Transmitter

iCandy: Fractal Julia Sets animated to sound

"Deeper" music techno made with Shyne! music making free app

Msucian's best companion - music making app for iPhone : website: ...

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